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Our Products

Our business is centred on our outstanding products. We are passionate about our food and eating out - sadly this shows on our waistlines. We’ve put together a small list of some of our products with some case studies of the suppliers who’ve supplied them. It’s far from definitive, so do give us a call and we can talk about all the products you’re interested in.


We avoid single use plastics wherever possible. We work with smaller producers working with the environment in a sustainable way, always looking for the lowest possible impact. We use electric vehicles where we can..

Fruit and Veg

We work with a number of products when they are in season. This may be Green and White Asparagus, Heritage Tomatoes, Heritage root vegetables (such as Crapaudine Beetroot), Strawberries (such as Mara des bois or Gariguettes), stoned fruits such as White Peaches, plums and cherries and many other types of fruit and vegetables.


Hubert Lacostes Tomatoes

Many of our customers say these are simply the best tomatoes in the world. We have multiple Michelin starred customers who refuse to buy anyone else’s tomatoes. Hubert started growing tomatoes in 1983 after inheriting his grandparent’s farm in the Gers in south-west France. Nestling next to the Petit Baïse river, Hubert grows tomatoes exclusively for Le Marché des Chefs on his small two acre plot. He found seeds of long disused varieties while travelling around the world visiting Russia, Poland and further afield and grows them the traditional way; slowly.

These are the original ‘Heritage’ or ‘Heirloom’ tomatoes, but grown properly, with love and attention. You can’t industrially farm these types of produce. As a consequence his tomatoes have been much copied but never bettered.

We have the pleasure of working with some of the finest producers of poultry in the world. Whether that is Poulet de Bresse, Canard des Dombes ducks, Guinea Fowl, Quails, Corn fed Chickens.


Poulet Jaune de Landes, Label Rouge

The chickens come from the Landes region in South West France, an area famous for its pine forests. The chickens are raised by small individual farms to exacting standards, with the farms then grouping together into a cooperative for the commercial side of things. It is the cooperative that sets down the stringent conditions and standards for the well-being, feeding, and roaming requirements of the birds.

The chickens are allowed to roam freely in the forests, which mean that they have a natural diet of bugs and insects that they forage as well as being fed non GM cereal, 70% of which is maize, grown locally. This accounts for the golden colour and unique taste profile of the birds. The chickens roost in small collapsible wooden cabins, called Marensines, which can be moved around the forest. This has two advantages: it gives the birds fresh areas in which to roam and forage and also allows the forest to refresh. The chickens are slaughtered at 90 days (a high quality UK chicken will be slaughtered at 65 days and a “normal” chicken at 40 days). The result of this slow growth is a leggier bird, with a firm yet succulent flesh.

Aged Beef and Veal

We buy our Simmental Beef from Germany and Austria. They’re old milking cows (their milk is used to make Emmental cheese). We age their meat in our Himalayan Sea salt ageing chamber to our customers specification. This beef has a fantastic beefy flavour, deep and rounded.

Our Veal comes from Correzé and Limousin. It’s Milk fed and produced in a high welfare environment, producing an outstanding product.


Limousin Veal

The animals are raised up to five and half months on a diet that consists of 85% milk taken directly from their mother. After this the animals can be finished with a milk complement, but this is very heavily monitored. The calves feed from their mother morning and evening, demanding huge investment from the farmers themselves. The calves live with their mothers in naturally lit straw covered barns as well as outside.

Limousin veal is generally regarded as the finest veal in the world and is defined by it’s delicate pale pink flesh and unctuous satin fat.

Lamb and Offal 

We offer two types of lamb, Pyrenean Milk Fed Lamb and Romney Marsh Lamb. Both of these products offer a fantastic balance of texture and deep flavour.

We sell the freshest, highest quality offal in the business - with some of the most well known offal users in the restaurant industry choosing to buy from ourselves. We work with products as diverse as Veal and Lamb Sweetbreads to Hearts, Oxtails and Livers.


Romney Marsh lamb

We are delighted to be able to offer you Romney Marsh Lamb from Pickney Bush Farm in Romney, Kent. These pure breed Romney lambs come from the flock of the Chairman of the Romney Breeders Association.

Romney Salt Marsh Lamb is produced by traditional grazing of the Romney breed on the salt marshes of Romney in Kent. Romney Sheep are medium-large in size, have a heavy wool fleece and are renowned hardy foragers. They are a slow growth breed which means that the new season lamb runs from October through to February. The marshes are free from fertilizers and provide an environment where the sheep can roam freely.

The meat has a unique flavour due to the sheep grazing over the natural grasses and samphire of the salt marshes. The hardy environmental conditions cause the sheep to produce extra fat, which marbles the meat adding to the flavour and making it succulent once cooked. The meat has richer and sweeter flavour than meat produced from the same breed, which has been grazed on regular pasture.

The lamb is known for a delicate taste even in older lambs. Just 65 miles outside of London, lambs have been grazing on Romney Marsh for many centuries. The meat from this lamb, once famous throughout the world and the benchmark of the finest quality lamb, is now often forgotten by a meat industry more concerned with fast growing more commercially viable alternatives.

Pork and Charcuterie

We source our Pork from the Basque country. It’s taken us a long time to find a pork that has the perfect balance of silky flavoursome fat, with dark pink meat.


La Maison Mayté; Ibaïama Pork

Deeply rooted in the Basque country, in the middle of endless green hills, the Mayté family perpetuates the high-quality savoir faire of their ancestors.

Benefitting from the exceptional local climate (a mix of the salty Atlantic and the Pyrenean mountain air) the hams and sausages of this passionate producer offer incomparable flavours. The Ibaïama pig has a long history; there are only three farms who rear this breed of pig and who are able to adhere to the very strict husbandry requirements that govern the Ibaïama label. The pigs are at least one year old before slaughter and always weigh more than 180kg compared to the 5 months and 100kg weight of a standard pig. The size and age of these animals means that they yield a fresh meat presenting a real depth of flavour alongside melting tenderness. The meat has a smooth grained texture and is marbled throughout.

Dried Goods

We offer a range of dried goods from pulses, Piment d’Esplette, to virgin oils, and finally Olive Oils.


olive oil.png

Alexis Munoz Olive Oils

Born in in the South West of France, Alexis spent his childhood between Toulouse and Madrid. And his memories of that happy time always recall the wonderful flavours of home cooking.”At home it always smelled of good olive oil, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. This noble and healthy fruit has always held a special place in my life”

A career in event management allowed him to develop experience in the building and management of projects and infrastructure, whilst at the same time, over a 10 year period, Alexis travelled throughout the Mediterranean, visiting and studying over 300 olive oil mills, extending his knowledge not only of the end product, but also the intricacies of its production. This, alongside the all-important relationships with the olive farmers, allowed him a unique overview of every step of the oil-making process from the importance of “terroir” to the advantages and disadvantages of the differing types of extraction leading, in 2010, to Alexis becoming a qualified taster for the International Olive Council.

For Alexis, olive oil should not be a condiment, but an exceptional ingredient, which is why he decided to launch his own range of high quality oils.

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