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What do we do?

Le Marché des Chefs was created in 2007 to allow restaurants to work with produce from artisanal producers throughout Europe who were either unwilling or unable to supply the larger wholesalers and  markets. This in turn allowed us complete control and traceability over the produce that we sell as well as a far more more eco-friendly and direct route to the end user:  no waiting on wholesalers means that  produce can get from the farm to our client in 36 hours.

Since its creation, our business has flourished and we are very proud to supply some of the finest restaurants in the world.  Unparalleled knowledge of our produce has enabled us to work alongside our clients and build the close relationships that we feel are fundamental to our business. 

In 2012 we opened our catering operation with one objective; to deliver stellar food using the same high-end produce that we were delivering to our clients. Our ethos is to allow the ingredients to do the talking and to give our catering clients the opportunity to enjoy cooking of the very highest level.

Who are we? 

Bruno Mouysset and Maurice Fitz Gerald are the founders of Le Marché des Chefs. Bruno served his apprenticeship as a chef with, among others, Michel Bras, Michel Guérard and Pierre and Jean Troisgros, later moving into the restaurant supplier business. He has worked in the fine food industry all his life and can boast over twenty-five year's experience of sourcing and supplying high-end produce for restaurants.

Maurice was partially brought up in the Gers, a region of France revered for its gastronomic culture. He was given the opportunity to marry a career as an professional rugby player with a love of gastronomy whilst playing for the French club of Biarritz. During this ten year period, he was able to source produce and aid the local producers in exporting to the United Kingdom, eventually moving the operation back to the UK.


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